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Container Sales and Rentals

Compass Chassis Pool can provide you with a vast variety of chassis for all your container needs. We provide the following:


Chassis for 20, 40, 45 containers.


Goose Neck 40 & 45 are designed to carry the maximum amount of weight

allowed by law.


40 Combos that can carry one standard empty or loaded 40 container, or two

empty or loaded 20 containers (up to 15k lbs. each).


 40 12-point Combo that will do the same as a regular Combo, and carry an

overweight 20 container.


40 12-point Try-axel that will do the same as a 12-point Combo, plus rear axle

distribution flexibility.


51 Combo with the flexibility to carry up to three 20 containers.


Call us today to get a daily, weekly, or long-term rental!

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